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Collaborative Care Means Great Care for Pets

Dec 30, 2015


We believe that having core values are an important foundation to our practice. Ours are Collaboration, Compassion, Commitment, Community, and Integrity. The COVE was formed upon these values and it’s the driving force behind our dedication to the community, both towards pet owners and referring veterinarians.

So what does that mean for you? 

In today’s post, we’d like to talk about the importance of collaboration. The COVE works with many different clinics and we are absolutely honored to work with the veterinarians in our community. When a patient is referred to us, we see ourselves as an extension of the pet’s veterinary health team.

Working together 

When primary care veterinarians and specialists work together in an open and transparent partnership, pets receive the highest quality of care and service. It is through this relationship, that The COVE is able to meet the needs of patients at any time of day or night, from emergency intervention to intensive care or overnight monitoring. And as board-certified specialists, we rely on the expertise of primary care veterinarians to know when one of their patients may benefit by our specific training or sophisticated, in-house diagnostic technologies to help care for a pet. This is what makes for a great collaborative relationship.

It’s about optimal care for pets 

President of Veterinary Specialists Outreach and Awareness Project (VetSOAP), Julie Smith, DVM, DACVS, penned a letter to the veterinary community about the importance of collaborative care.

“We believe that when clients are educated about all the options available to them, the conversation shifts from finances to optimal care. If the opinion of the specialist in consultation with the primary care veterinarian is that the ongoing treatment should be continued with the specialist, this should be explained to the client. If the best decision is to follow up with the primary care veterinarian, then that should be explained as well.

We all entered veterinary medicine to provide the finest care to our patients, and our options to provide this care have grown exponentially. Ultimately, the client makes the final decision, but with a trusting and committed partnership between the specialist and the primary care veterinarian, we can truly provide the best options for that pet.”

With the new year just around the corner, we’d like to re-dedicate our commitment to our referring veterinarians, team members, and pet owners – and, of course, the furry friends that make our jobs and lives so fulfilling and joyful.

From everyone here at The COVE, we wish you a Happy New Year!

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