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Client of Small Dogs Has Big Love for The COVE

Mar 28, 2017


When a client entrusts us with more than one pet, we can’t help but feel honored and touched. Erika Frydenlund is a client of ours that has been coming to The COVE for over four years for her Chihuahuas: Chilly, Genki, Niko, and Yuuki. And although some of them have passed on, we will always remember them fondly and miss them.

Ms. Frydenlund left us a glowing review on Yelp regarding the care her Chihuahua pack has received, and we wanted to share it with you. 

Featured Testimonial

“I've been going to The COVE for years, both for emergency and cardiac care for my dogs. The staff has seen us through some tough times. They have managed my pets' cardiac health far better than I ever could have hoped for. At each visit, they have been polite, considerate, and invested in what they do. I always feel like they really care about my dogs. 

I've never experienced a longer wait time at The COVE than at any of the other 24-hour emergency vets in the Hampton Roads area–and, unfortunately, I have used them all. They triage animals as they come in, which sometimes pushes other patients back. When I arrived, they always alerted me to any delays to expect. I accept this as part of the rhythm of their operations, and know that when my dog really needs to move to the front of the line, they will go out of their way to make sure he gets the urgent care he needs too. I am happy to wait so they can address emergencies in the order they feel is appropriate. This is true at all emergency vets. The difference that I experienced at The COVE is that the staff is so supportive and regularly checks in with me to see if they can get me coffee or water or make my wait more comfortable. They also let me keep my dog in the car so he won't be as stressed out, and are happy to come out and get me when they are ready for him. In times when we've had extreme emergencies, even in the middle of the night, they have rushed out to the car to help me, held the door, and immediately took him into the back. 

Here are some things that stand out for me and why I will continue to support the COVE: 

  1. Every time I have been there, I feel the vets are up-to-date on the latest research. They offer a wide range of tests and medical options, but every time I have asked the attending vet what he or she would do if they were in my situation with their own pet, I felt I have gotten a level-headed answer– even when that meant considering euthanasia or not doing the tests they listed. In one of the euthanasia cases, the vet said he could prescribe medicines and tests to keep the dog alive, but that it wasn't in the dog's best interest. He let me make the choice about moving forward.

  2. One of my Chihuahuas, Yuuki, is particularly spoiled, and doesn't do well in the cages at the vet. When he had to stay overnight for observation and was on oxygen, the vet techs, staff, and vets literally carried him around with them and sat with him for over 24 hours straight to keep him calm and from howling.

  3. When one of our Chihuahuas, Niko, finally succumbed to her congestive heart failure, I was out of the country and my husband had to take her in by himself. After they respectfully euthanized her, they let him stay mourning her in a separate room for as long as he needed–literally over an hour. Every person on staff that day went in the room to check on him and offer support. When The COVE sent us a sympathy card later, the staff had written personalized messages and that made me feel that they really took the time to know and remember our dog.

    I've never had the kind and concerned care from any vet, let alone an emergency vet, that I have experienced at The COVE, which is why I continue to recommend them to my friends and will continue to take my dogs there.”

Thank you, Ms. Frydenlund. We are humbled by your wonderfully kind words and support. Each one of your Chihuahuas is precious and we are honored to be part of their health care team. Best wishes to you and your family!

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