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Count on The COVE in the Most Critical Moments

Jun 27, 2018


As a 24-hour emergency and specialty veterinary hospital, our primary purpose is to deliver advanced care for pets and their families whenever it is needed, day or night.

Our emergency department often treats pets whose lives depend on immediate medical and critical care. Freyja, a sweet two-year-old lab mix was one of those patients.

She was rushed to our ER after being hit by a car at 35 miles per hour. Freyja had multiple symptoms associated with trauma, including labored breathing, nose bleeding, a suspected bruised lung, and an injured forelimb. However, with 24-hour monitoring including fluids, pain medication, and oxygen support, Freyja’s condition started to improve.

The following day, she was discharged to recover in the comfort of her home, with a recommendation to follow up with her primary care veterinarian within 24 hours.

A few days later, Freyja’s mom, Sara Stewart, reported that Freyja was doing well, taking her medication in mozzarella cheese (yum!), and eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom regularly. The Stewarts are long-time COVE clients and have brought their four other pets in for various visits over the years. 


After the emotional trauma of having a fur baby severely injured, Sara left a lovely review on our website. We are proud to share her testimonial with you: 

Our fur baby was hit by a truck early Friday morning. We rushed her to The COVE, and they took her immediately to run checks. The atmosphere is calming, which is needed when you're going there for an emergency. The staff and doctors are very nice and truly care for the animals that come there. They welcome visitations, and you can call any time of day for updates. They are also good at calling to give updates every few hours as well. We were able to take our baby home around midnight.

Thank you, Sara! We are humbled by your wonderfully kind words and support. We are honored to be part of Freyja’s health-care team, and we are proud to hear she is back to being a happy and healthy puppy!

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