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Keep your Furry Friend Safe this 4th of July

Jul 03, 2018

The 4th of July is a day of celebration and festivities. While we might ooh and ahh over fireworks, it’s a completely different experience for animals. Fireworks can be frightening and disorienting to both cats and dogs, and can cause them to react out of fear. More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year. Animal shelters record high numbers of lost pets from July 4-6th. Veterinarians also receive more visits to treat pets that have gotten injured from trying to “flee” the fireworks. 

Here at The COVE, we want to ensure you and your furry family members have a fun and safe 4th of July. Click the photo below to watch our video for important safety tips and have an emergency room free holiday. You might recognize some furry faces from last year’s Patriotic Pets contest.


If your pet runs away…

Even with all the careful measures we put in place, accidents can happen. If your pet runs away, check your local animal shelter to see if they’ve found your furry friend. Pets can end up running many miles away so visit shelters that are located in neighboring cities and counties. Many shelters update their website with photos of the animals they’ve received. It is important to check online frequently including a shelter’s Facebook page. Additionally, you can notify your primary care veterinarian and call local animal emergency hospitals. Read the Petfinder’s article on what you can do if you lose your pet.

We hope these tips help you prepare for the holiday. As a reminder, should your pets become ill or injured, The COVE is open 24/7 for emergencies - including all holidays. Please call us at 757-935-9111 if possible to prepare for your arrival and assist you with bringing your pet inside.  

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