cross.jpg 24-Hour Emergency Services                                                                                                phone.jpg 757-935-9111


We're Open 24 Hours a Day

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The COVE is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, with a veterinarian always on the premises along with other skilled, caring members of our team. No appointment is necessary for emergency services.criticalcare.jpg

In addition to providing comprehensive emergency services, we have a fully equipped intensive care unit (ICU) where patients needing hospitalization receive the most attentive monitoring. We are also trained to utilize highly advanced diagnostic technologies and progressive medical and surgical procedures when caring for your pet. Take comfort in knowing that our highly talented, emergency clinicians are available to help with most urgent matters, especially the most severe. 

If your pet needs emergency care during regular business hours, please call your primary care veterinarian first. If it is after hours or they have instructed you to come here, you do not need an appointment or referral to receive emergency services. However, please call first, 757-935-9111, so that we can best be prepared for your arrival and be notified if you need assistance bringing your pet inside. 

We will always communicate with your pet’s primary care veterinarian regarding your pet’s condition to ensure continuity of care and appropriate follow-up. 

What Can I Expect From a Visit to the ER?
What Will It Cost?
How Will My Pet’s Regular Veterinarian Be Kept Informed?