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Care, Comfort, and Compassion - Chronicled

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Jabba-TheCOVE.jpgJabba the Hutt

"On Saturday afternoon (9/10), I had discovered that my argentine tegu (large lizard), Jabba the Hutt had a rectal prolapse. It was not improved by at home treatments that I am well-versed in and my regular reptile vet had closed and was not open again until Monday.

In my experience with reptiles, I knew this was something that needed surgery ASAP. After calling around to various ER vets to see if they would work with Jabba - who is a docile, sweet boy that is extremely used to being handled and seeing the vet - no one within an hour of me felt comfortable with treating Jabba. I gave The COVE a call and they had a vet on staff who was more than willing to work with Jabba the Hutt. I immediately rushed an hour and a half away through a toll to see them. After waiting for a few hours while the doctor completed her rounds (which we did not mind, knowing how busy they were), we were seen and Jabba was prepped for surgery late Saturday night and ready to go home early the next morning. I picked him up around 2am and saw that he recovered well. A little sleepy but I knew he was going to pull through!

Jabba saw his reptile vet on Monday afternoon, where she removed the sutures that Dr. DeFalco had sewn in to keep his prolapsed rectum inside his body and he needed no further treatment. Thank you SO much to The COVE's amazing staff and Dr. DeFalco for her prompt and hard work on my boy. She saved his life and I am forever grateful as Jabba The Hutt is just as much my baby as I would consider my dogs or cat. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!"

— Elizabeth Caron



"Amazing staff were so kind and understanding. We brought our dog Diesel in Monday night and the staff did their best with taking care of him as quickly as possible (spent 4 hours there, but was understandable as there were other pets there needing treatment, and one extreme emergency that had come in while we were there). They took their time trying to find the best treatment with our budget and gave Diesel the best care possible. Luckily Diesel is doing so much better thanks to the medication and care he received. They even called us 2 days later to check up on how he was doing! Great staff and will definitely recommend to anyone with a pet emergency!"

— Jenn Fleagle



"One week down and Toby is doing fantastic! Thank you so much for taking care of our old baby! Your front desk staff calmed me down with their kind words and a bottled water (I was a mess). Kassandra was so kind and reassuring saying everything was going to be ok. We really appreciate y'all!

— Amy McDaniel Beacham



"The staff was wonderful with their treatment of my dog Riley Thursday evening! While outside after dinner, she managed to rip her nail partially off. I knew it needed to come off. Since my vet office was closed, I headed to The COVE. The staff immediately assessed the injury. Since Riley's injury was not life threatening, we waited our turn. The COVE was very busy with serious illness' that resulted in difficult decisions for pet owners. This takes a toll on the staff. When it was Riley's turn, they were all smiles and positive. I admire their courage and strength. I appreciate the attention and love they gave Riley. Today Riley acts as if nothing has happened. Thank you very much for taking care of her! It means so much to me and my family that you are so close and took care of Riley's "emergency"."

— Michele Bryan Garwood



"I took my new rescue Sam in last Sunday. He was very sick with a 106.5 fever. I went in with only $200 to pay for medical expenses. I expressed this to staff and they worked with me on my budget. They did recommend him going into the kitty hospital that night. But I could not afford that. So they gave the best care they could on my budget. They gave him fluids and antibiotics and told me to call with any questions or concerns. Two days later he was back to his normal self. I just want to say thank you to the staff. They were fantastic! Their smiling faces were very comforting at such a scary time for me. I also just a received a check-up call for him, which is why I am writing this review. Thank you to The COVE staff from the front desk all the way up to the doc! You guys are great!! Keep up the great work!"

— Ashley Robinson



"Never before have I been to such an excellent vet clinic! From the moment we entered to the time we left, we were impressed. Honey was greeted by name and examined by Meg. We were offered candy and water. Rhiannon even joked with my 14-year-old daughter saying Honey is going to be jealous you are petting another dog. Then, Rhiannon came out from behind the counter just to show Honey some love and extra attention so that Honey knew she was awesome. WOW! I will definitely recommend this place to my friends and family. You are amazing!"

— Jill Gwaltney



"I had a really positive experience taking my 3 year old puggle, Peppadew, to The COVE after I discovered puncture wounds on his neck from a dog fight that he got into. I thought the fees were reasonable, the staff was extremely pleasant and informative. And I really appreciated that they printed out a set of care instructions for me and went over them with me. If they were a full service vet, I would consider switching."

— Amy Roberts



"Absolutely the best local emergency facility for your pets. They provided the most tender loving care to my Zoe. From my initial phone call to visits, I only witnessed true passion for the well-being of my Zoe as well as others with their pets. I have to say they not only treat our pets with awesome care but they are so sympathetic to us - the pet owners. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone needing emergency care for their pet."

— Cyndi Ayers Strickland



"Happy 6th Belated Birthday to our Bailey girl! This sweet puppy turned 6 a few weeks ago while recovering from TPLO surgery. Today, she's feeling like a new dog & having a puppy paw-ty with her brothers. Thank you to Dr. Stallings & everyone at The COVE for everything you do for our fur babies."

Blanton Reckley



"The staff here was so amazing and truly compassionate. There was NO breed discrimination and that does sometimes happen! Thank you all for handling me and keeping me from totally losing my cool!”

— Beth Patterson