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Care, Comfort, and Compassion - Chronicled

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"On November 11, 2015 my sweet Marmalade was diagnosed with lymphoma and was given, at most, 2 weeks to live. Today, on March 6, 2016, almost 4 months later, feline lymphoma took my baby from me. He lived a very long and a very good life, and I am so blessed to have been able to have such an amazing, sweet, and loving kitty. He filled my life with love and joy, and will always be remembered. He may be gone for now, but he will NEVER be forgotten, and I know that I will see you again. RIP my boy, I love you!

I would like to thank everyone at The COVE for all that they did for Marmalade. Their kind and loving hearts truly showed through in the care that my boy received. All the way until the end, everyone was so helpful and understanding. I know that Marmalade is smiling down on us, and is happy. Thank you so much each and every one of you!"

— Anna Chan



"We LOVE The Cove! I use them for both cardiology and emergency services. My dog Mariska that sees Dr. Small, our favorite board-certified cardiologist, has a tendency to be aggressive when visiting the vet. Dr. Small and her staff have gone out of their way to make visits less stressful for my boxer. I am very over-protective of my dogs, and I trust Dr. Small with them completely. She has treated 2 of my boxers for different heart conditions and is my go-to doctor for many questions. She always has the best interest of the animal at heart, and trust me when I tell you she will honestly lose sleep over your pet. 

I have also used The Cove for emergency services more than once. Dr. Mueller went out of her way to help my anxious, aggressive boxer feel more comfortable.  My chocolate lab was also seen at The Cove towards the end of her life. It was Dr. Mueller that was finally able to provide a diagnosis for my suffering girl. 

I highly recommend The Cove if your pet is in need of cardiac or emergency care. We love them!"

— Pam Pierce



"I cannot begin to express the level of compassion and caring that the staff at The Cove shows to the pets and families that enter the facility. Jenny at the front desk was ready for us when we came in the door. Emily came out immediately and triaged my sweet tabby cat, Cupid. Dr. Fox offered several options and recommendations that were very reasonable. I was fortunate enough to have a pet that needed little in comparison to another family who was there and lost their pet, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the outpouring of true love for each animal is present in each person who works there. This is the place to take your pet 24/7, and know that you will receive competent, quality, and amazing care."

— Rhianon Growney


Angel & Kiba

"Thank you all so very much for taking care of Angel and Kiba. I know you had your hands full with our fur babies (and loved every minute of it!). A special thanks for taking Kiba in as ferrets aren't exactly easy to deal with. Our experience was beyond excellent!! Sincerely, your favorite (this) weekend pet parents."

 — Courtney and Peter Whitford




I brought my little girl here after being attacked by another dog last week and I just want to say that the care she received was OUTSTANDING! Everyone was so nice and compassionate. I appreciate everything you did for her and how quickly it was done. I had called ahead of time and seeing the nurse practically waiting with a towel and open arms for my wounded little girl had me knowing she was in good hands right away. Words can't describe my appreciation!

— Ginny Moughamian



Our sweet old schnauzer went into renal failure over the long weekend. Although we knew she was near the end, we didn't expect everything to crash so suddenly. We were finally at wit's end and Pepper was in complete misery, so it was time for us to make that hard decision we all dread. From the first phone contact on a Sunday at 4 until completion of her euthanasia procedure at 5, everyone was compassionate, efficient, and courteous. Given the heartbreaking circumstances, the staff handled everything perfectly. We couldn't possibly have gotten any better treatment for our family or our dear Pepper. The facilities were clean, quiet and private and our pup who has always been nervous around strangers seemed completely relaxed and comfortable through it all. Many thanks to The Cove for taking such wonderful care of all of us.

— Andy Cain



Thanks to the Cove for taking such good, thorough care of our baby Penny! During our pup's recovery from surgery the staff at the Cove was patient and so helpful through countless check ups and calls. We're so grateful that you saved our little P!

— Molly Ash Ward



Dear Dr. Stallings, you performed an emergency spinal surgery on our Boston Terrier Dickens in February. It was a tough one, because once you opened him up you found that material from a disc had leaked and calcified on the spinal cord. You cautioned us not to expect to much in terms of his ability to walk. You did a better job than you knew, because today he's getting around reasonably well. We appreciate your hard work in surgery.

— Dale Miller




Is that Dr Small wonderful or what? We just wanted to thank her for saving our little dog Cricket. She has taken such good care of her and let us have our wonderful little pup with us. Cricket says, “Thank you Dr Small for what you have done for me, even though I still might snap at you once in a while, I'm just doing it for show, you know?” And thank you Tyler for being so good to us. We love you too. And of course, we love Jenny too. Thank all of you at the Cove for caring so much. You are all wonderful. 

Dianne, Gus, and Cricket



Shirley and I just what to thank-you, on behalf of Zach, for the excellent care he received at The Cove while he was a patient. Even though the outcome wasn’t what we prayed for or expected we rest the knowledge that Zach was in good hands and it makes his passing a little easier for us to cope with. We love and miss him and wish with our hearts to have him back home with us, but we know that isn’t possible. However, we do believe that God took Zach home and placed him a field with the rest of our babies so he can have fun “chasing” butterflies and falling leaves.

Again even in our grief we just what to say thank-you for looking after our Zach for the last week of his little life. It’s a comfort to know that your facility is there when we need it and that you have doctors and staff who are trained and compassionate professionals.

— Mike and Shirley Jakway